Things We Love / Recommend!

We use a dremel as well as dog nail clippers weekly to get them used to having their paws touched and nails trimmed. Here is what we use! They can be found on amazon or !

*using short spurts, lots of treats and making it a FUN experience can be extremely helpful if dog is stressed!

Kuranda Dog Beds - Excellent Warranty!

We Love these comfy beds around our home as well as on top of their elevated beds in their crates. Comfy, No loose fabric, really easy to wash

We have used these elevated beds to protect bones and joints for years! Each of our dogs have a bed in their crate (works perfect!) and a few around the house! They can dig and chew but these beds hold up really well, clean super easy & don't hold odor! The few times our dogs did damage them, they replaced at no charge. We are going on 5 years of the aluminum beds and they have held up really well!!

*For a giant breed make sure you get the aluminum option to hold their weight*

*they work great inside and outside. Also great for avoiding blockages in dogs that chew cloth beds!*

They have a wonderfuly quick & painless warranty experience also!

We Love a good dog bed around here!  Here are a couple we use faithfully and can offer discounted links to our families!

​Get 15% Off by using code NCGD at checkout!

Nail Care is important often from the start!

k9 Ballistic has several great fabric/ cloth options for protecting bones and joints in these big dogs if you prefer that option! They also offer a warranty on most products (check their website for info) and most items are machine washable for cleaning!

k9 Ballistic Dog Beds