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As Great Dane lovers first, we want the best for our pets.

  We are always wanting the nutrition to be on point so our pets feel the best they can and are around for MANY years! We have researched and tried many different foods over the years and I can't tell you how much crud is included in so many of these high dollar foods. 

After some of our long time food brands started causing issues in our dogs, we decided enough is enough.  This is when we found LA food, Treat & Supplements.. They do SO much more than pet nutrition but that is where our hearts are.  After positive review after review and trying it on our own, We now feed & raise our litters on LA Food and can offer a LONGER health guarantee for puppies KEPT on Life's Abundance Food , Treats, Bones ONLY!! 

It is sold only through breeders or distributor reps for a few reasons...

1st - Do you get personalized support & customer service through your local store or online shopping? Sadly not...  As LA reps and supporters, we care about animals and this is a passion of ours to care for your pets as our own !  I personally signed up because I send out numerous responses every day helping random owners with nutrition concerns... This food has helped many of them and I LOVE being able to help, regardless of who's animal it is! Being a rep allows me to do just that and be your support system along the way.

2. LA Food & treats are made in smaller batches, TESTED BEFORE it heads out to OUR pets (no recalls AFTER our pets are affected by an Ooops which happens ALL THE TIME)  and every bag is tracked so should an issue ever arise? They know what customers got bags from which batch and you can be contacted immediately before your pet is effected!  .... All dog food is tested.. but then it sits on a shelf for months on end before even arriving to a store or distribution center... your now losing a ton of quality and i'm sure it does not taste great anymore either!  Life's Abundance doesn't have a middle ground to sit and get stale / losing quality.

3.  LA Food is loaded with higher GOOD Nutrients,  Vitamins and Pro / Prebiotics opposed to junk fillers. These useless crud fillers are the majority of what our animals are reacting poorly too ( water eyes, itchy / dry skin, biting at their paws, loose stools, feeling poorly, poor coat quality.. sound familiar?)..

So feeding a much better food allows us to give less then HALF of what your dog is normally eating  of a different food means less to buy and less poop too!  Don't forget though, our dog treats are FILLED with terrible junk fillers just the same so changing your dogs food is just the half of it, they NEED quality treats just the same. LA has some really good options we have really liked so far!

4. Awesome enough, they offer a fully 30 day money back guarantee because they believe in their products... You can't go wrong trying it! The results are AWESOME that we have seen in our pets! 

5. Lastly, every sale donates a portion to Dr Jane Foundation for Rescue Animals. How awesome is that?! 

LA foodhas tons of HEALTHY supplements, treats , bones, shampoos , you name it also! They have a full human and cat line also so feel free to explore their website here also! 


Still got questions?

I'd love for you to contact me with them! I  am always happy to help! 

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Are you a breeder and want better litter sizes and health? This has been PROVEN to make a huge difference in many breeding programs. I'm always here for questions!

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