Wellness Vitamin


It is sold only through breeders or distributor reps for a few reasons...

1st - Do you get personalized support & customer service through your local store or online shopping? Sadly not...  As LA reps and supporters, we care about animals and this is a passion of ours to care for your pets as our own !  I personally signed up because I send out numerous responses every day helping random owners with nutrition concerns... This food has helped many of them and I LOVE being able to help, regardless of who's animal it is! Being a rep allows me to do just that and be your support system along the way. 

2.LA Food & treats are made in smaller batches, TESTED BEFORE it heads out to OUR pets (no recalls AFTER our pets are affected by an Ooops which happens ALL THE TIME)  and every bag is tracked so should an issue ever arise? They know what customers got bags from which batch and you can be contacted immediately before your pet is effected!  .... All dog food is tested.. but then it sits on a shelf for months on end before even arriving to a store or distribution center... your now losing a ton of quality and i'm sure it does not taste great anymore either!  Life's Abundance doesn't have a middle ground to sit and get stale / losing quality.

3.  LA Food is loaded with higher GOOD Nutrients,  Vitamins and Pro / Prebiotics opposed to junk fillers. These useless crud fillers are the majority of what our animals are reacting poorly too ( water eyes, itchy / dry skin, biting at their paws, loose stools, feeling poorly, poor coat quality.. sound familiar?)..

So feeding a much better food allows us to give less then HALF of what your dog is normally eating  of a different food means less to buy and less poop too!  Don't forget though, our dog treats are FILLED with terrible junk fillers just the same so changing your dogs food is just the half of it, they NEED quality treats just the same. LA has some really good options we have really liked so far!

4. Awesome enough, they offer a fully 30 day money back guarantee because they believe in their products... You can't go wrong trying it! The results speak for themselves honestly and we have seen it first hand in our pets and puppies as they grow.

5. Lastly, every sale donates a portion to Dr Jane Foundation for Rescue Animals. I also get credits to help families who may be struggling to provide for their pet. 

LA foodhas tons of HEALTHY supplements, treats , bones, shampoos , you name it also! They have a full human and cat line also so feel free to explore their website here also! 


Still got questions?

I'd love for you to contact me with them! I  am always happy to help! 

                                                                         Feel free to check out our Nutrition Page as well! 

Are you a breeder and want better for your puppies, families & dogs long term?  Feel free to reach out. 

At NCGD we feed Life's Abundance dog food. It supports healthy growth and provides top quality nutrition in our dogs & puppies through all stages while helping reduce stomach issues that can result in lower quality dog foods.

After raising many dogs and litters, we have found this dog food to be worth every penny. It is a high quality dog food which means you have to much feed less! We chose this food after much research, educating ourselves to better our lines and our own dog food struggles with other brands. 

While Life's Abundance is not sold in stores,  you can have it auto-shipped (giving you a discount!) to your home, so you never have to worry about running out. 

​To order as a part of Northern Great Danes Family, please visit our website dedicated to our families : www.Northern-Nutrition.com

This will direct your order to our account and ensure that we can be your main contact with any questions! 

Berry Chew Treats

Bully Sticks

Lamb & Venision Treats

We use a lot of LA products here because they are made with minimal to no chemicals, filler free & are triple tested to ensure our dogs and puppies are safe at all times.   Here are a few of the things your puppy is already used to using / getting!

From training, desensitizing, keeping occupied & learning what is acceptable to chew on- these are a few of the products we use & recommend!  

Skin & Coat Vitamin

We do not recommend feeding a Large /Giant Breed Puppy Food.

Common Questions & More Background!

Antioxidant Bars

Dogs can be stinky! We always wash puppies and dogs with this gentle shampoo but we also keep the 'bath mist' spray handy for non bath times when they need a little freshening up! You can also spray bedding, blankets, rugs, etc to eliminate doggy odor. It is also important to keep ears clean with the ear care cleaner to avoid ear infections / bacteria build up. 

Agility Vitamin

Porky Puff Chews

We always recommend keeping a case of Pork & Venison Wet Food on hand. Picky Eating, special treat, hiding medication, lots of reasons will arise why you will need it.  This formula has been the easiest on tummies in our experience

Pure Omega

Turkey Heart Petites

Our first recommendation is always a high quality dog food. Second, we recommend and use two main supplements with our dogs - one for their developing hips/joints, and one for their large growth.

  • The Agility Formula from Life's Abundance is a great option for supporting healthy hips, elbows, and joints overall. All dogs but especially Great Danes are notorious for arthritis and mobility issues as they age; we think it's imperative to start our dogs on supplements while they are developing and carrying such a large frame through their life's. This is a more pure/ pharmaceutical grade then you would get in the store or online. 

  • The Wellness Vitamin is essential at filling in nutrients the body is needing during excessive growth. We start puppies on this at the same time we start puppy mush and it is essential they stay on it for at-least 3 years (during their growing years) but it is great to continue for their lifetime.

  • The Pure Omega Fish Oil is a great support for your dogs coat, skin, heart, eyes, brain & supports a health gut which is beneficial with a Great Danes sensitive digestive system. 

  • The Skin & Coat Formula is the one thing we've noticed that significantly reduces shedding in our adults! We love it because when you have Dogs in the home, dog hair can get overwhelming! This supplement makes their coats shiny and plush with noticeably less shedding!