Welcome! We are a family of 6 humans,  Danes, cats, chickens and ducks!  We live on an acreage in Iowa (newly) and our Danes are our life! Our house is busy ! We absolutely love the Great Dane breed and work hard to keep the standards of the breed while focusing our breeding on excellent temperaments and health! Our ultimate goal is happy/healthy family members  <3  I am always continuing my education in Veterinary science, Nutrition, Behavior and training to help our pups as they grow! 

We chose to get into breeding after many years of research, breeder support/ mentors, vet visits and health testing. We do not now nor have we ever taken it lightly as no breeder ever should! Constant learning and constant growing is a huge part of breeding! (Well, on top of the endless hours of poo cleaning, disinfecting, vet checks, well exams, adjusting nutrition, training, exercising and gallons of slobbery kisses!)

Our dogs are pets first /foremost and part of the family!  We love to play in the yard with them, explore on our land and dirt road and go for car rides when we can. Aside from that, they are generally taking naps on the couch or stealing someone's seat when they get up! (proof! ----> ) And if your sick, likely they will smother you (literally) with comfort! 

We breed along side many reputable breeders are if we don't have what your looking for, we generally know a good breeder who does! 

 We will always transport to Colorado at 8 weeks as this is where majority of our wait list approved families are <3 We also plan to do a dane meet up with our past families while we are back.

We are not a typical breeder who you will not hear from again. We WANT updates and to be kept in the loop. We strive to find homes only that want the same, from a breeder. Our method of breeding is not for everyone! We don't hand them off without knowledge of their new family and environment and we will not place a puppy in any home that we do not feel 100% confident in. We will check vet references and may ask for personal references and landlord letters if need be. This is for the safety and well being of our puppies!  

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